Status: Active

Versatile Omnidirectional Interconnected Devices CUBE (VOIDCUBE)

The goal is to create a standardized template for a constellation of cubes. Each cube has its own specific function and attributes. The final product will be able to function as any type of terrestrial or space vehicle depending on the mission goal. 

Creating cubes that are able to be rearranged makes available the option to reuse a satellite or a rover that finished its mission. In the case of a mission to another planet being able to reuse the same parts for a second different mission can be cost, time and space efficient.


The project’s main objective is to connect multiple cubes together, of different types, and demonstrate that the interface works as designed, meaning cubes can connect mechanically while continuously transfering power and data through the interface. The unified on-board software will also be able to control the locking mechanism, as well as perform the processing duties of the entire assembly.


Pavlos Vlazakis

Project Manager

Calum Lonie

Lead engineer

Neus Oliveras Tramunt

Systems engineer

Anshuman Dwarakanath Prahlad

Super brief personal motivation

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