running since 2022

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Versatile Omnidirectional Interconnected Devices CUBE (VOIDCUBE)

Project VOIDCUBE was started by four students at Luleå University of Technology’s Space Campus in Kiruna, in Swedish Lapland. The platform created during this project will be in the form of an array of cubes, each 1U in size. The cubes are designed to be modular in nature, and each will have its specific function, such as a processing cube, a power cube, a structure cube, and more. There will be connection interfaces on each of a cube’s six sides, each allowing for four connection orientations. When cubes are connected, they will be able to transfer power and data between each other. This design will allow for a highly versatile and modular platform to suit multiple space applications.


The project’s main objective is to connect multiple cubes together, of different types, and demonstrate that the interface works as designed, meaning cubes can connect mechanically while continuously transfering power and data through the interface. The unified on-board software will also be able to control the locking mechanism, as well as perform the processing duties of the entire assembly.


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