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Here we keep you uptdated on our events and project activities.

RS Components supporting GSO projects

In the last two semesters, our student projects have once again made great progress. 💫
Our long-standing partner RS Components has made a significant contribution to this by reliably supplying our teams with mechanical and electrical components. 🛠️⚡️

Recent successes such as the test campaign of Project RAVEN, the redesign of the payload Project APTAS or the acceptance of four of our student projects to present their work at IAC24 in Milan would not have been possible without RS and our other partners by our side. 🙌🏻

Our projects are a great opportunity for the students at Luleå University of Technology in Kiruna to get hands-on experience in space technology, building their own satellites 🛰️, rockets 🚀 and microgravity experiments 🔬. Therefore, we are grateful for RS Components’ continued support in educating and training the space engineers of tomorrow! 👩🏽‍🎓💪🏻


Our projects at IAC24

Italy, here we come 🇮🇹🥳
Four of our student projects, RAVEN, APTAS, FENRIR and VOIDCUBE have submitted abstracts for the IAC24 in Milan in October this year and they have all been accepted!
We are proud of this amazing recognition for the great work done by our student project teams! 🙌🏻
We are very much looking forward to a great conference, interesting exchanges and of course great pizza 🍕😉

OHB Sweden partners with Giron Space

We are pleased to announce that we have recently signed a sponsorship agreement with our new partner OHB Sweden. 🛰️
In the future, OHB Sweden will support our projects by providing funds for technical equipment ⚙️, workshops 👩‍🏫 and travel expenses 🛫.
We are very much looking forward to this collaboration and are very grateful to have a strong new partner at our side! 🤝

Git Workshop

Prague Scientific Workshop

GSO was invited to present at this year’s Scientific Workshop, organised by the Space Master Consortium, which took place at the Czech Technical University in Prague, on the 23rd October 2023.

This was a fantastic opportunity for GSO to showcase itself to the Consortium partners and to the representatives of some of the leading space companies in the Czech Republic, as well as to network with Space Master alumni.

Calum presenting GSO to the audience assembled in the conference room in Prague's Czech Technical University

LaTeX/Overleaf Workshop

Poster announcing the LaTeX/Overleaf workshop, taking place on Thursday 28/09 at 10.30 in the Computer Lab

2023 Kick-Off

If you are not in a project but are looking to join one, then you may be interested in Kick Off. During Kick Off, the projects based at the Space Campus will present their projects to students, and will also start recruiting new people into their projects. If you want to join a project, then this is a great chance to do that. 

This event if open to everyone, you can join in person, from 8.45 on Friday September 1st in room B/C, or you can join online in a Zoom room.

Here’s the link to this room: 

I’ll explain how the recruitment process will take place, and you’ll be able to sign up in person at the event, or online afterwards if necessary. The presentations will be made available online after the event too.

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact.

International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2022 in Paris

We are presenting at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2022 in Paris! giron space organisation logo above logo of the international astronautical congress of pa

Our presentation will take place in Session 5: Enabling the future -Developing the Space Workforce of the E1. IAF SPACE EDUCATION AND OUTREACH SYMPOSIUM on Tuesday the 20th of September at 16:20 CET, in room E08B – save the date! 

For more details be sure to check our publication Contribution of student-run organisation for developing the space workforce: impact, experience, and practices from the Giron Space Organisation in Northern Sweden (paper code IAC-22,E1,5,9,x74077).

À bientot! 🚀


Here is a handy summary of when our member projects are presenting:

ALMA on BEXUS 33 – Atmospheric Laser Measurement of Aerosols 

  • Monday September 19, 12:50-13:00 
    → Screen number 17, Interactive Presentations Symposium B1 (IAC-22/B1/IP/72141)

Project APTAS – Atmospheric Polar Transmission Alignment Satellite

  • Monday September 19, 14:10-14:20
    → IAC-22/B4/IP/74145 (EISCAT 3D)
  • Thursday September 22 2022 13:20-13:30
    → IAC-22/C1/IPB/74060 (ACS)

ASTER on REXUS 30 – Attitude STabilized free falling ExpeRiment

  • Tuesday September 20, 15:00
    → W04 (IAC-22.A2.3.7)

Project FASTER – Flying Attitude Stablized ExpeRiment 

  • Wednesday September 21 2022, 15:00
    → W04 (IAC-22.A2.5.8)

Project HAMMER – High Altitude Magnetic Motion attitudE control 

  • Monday September 19 2022, 15:00
    → W07 (IAC-22.E2.3-GTS.4.8)

Project RAVEN – Rocketry and Aerospace Vehicle Engineering in Norrbotten

  • Monday September 19 2022, 10:15 
    → W08 (IAC-22.C4.3.6)

2022 Spring Rectruitment

Dear Space Campus students, We hope that you enjoyed the GSO Semester Kick-off event 2022 and thank you for joining us. Here is a summary of the important dates and deadlines for the recruitment period.

  • Forms are available until 2nd February
  • Interview period is between 3rd February and 10th February
  • Results of the interviews will be announced on 11th February
  • You have two days (until 13th January) to answer if you want to join the project or not
  • Second round selection notifications will be sent on 14th January.
You can find the project descriptions here:
We are recruiting students for various departments within four projects. Working on one of these projects is a great way to get hands-on experience, build leadership skills, understand team dynamics and expand your network. Feel free to reach out to GSO or any of the projects if you have queries.
Hope to see you as a member of our project(s) soon.
Have a nice weekend.
Take care and stay safe!
Best regards,