Status: Active

Atmospheric Laser Measurement of Aerosols (ALMA)

The main purpose of the Atmospheric Laser Measurement of Aerosols (ALMA) project is atmospheric research in the Norbotten area. We are looking into finding a correlation between density, size and composition of aerosols in the troposphere and stratosphere and the global volcanic activity, especially after the eruption of the volcano in La Palma. In this study, the anticipated results include higher concentrations of sulphur dioxide aerosols while the ozone levels in the atmospheric composition are reduced. This data will then be compared with previous databases from Sentinel 5p, OMI and OMPS missions in order to find the above-mentioned correlation and characterise our results. Project ALMA was encouraged by a natural event that cannot be predicted and which causes worldwide effects even after a longer period of time. As such we are looking into acquiring new skills and knowledge, while providing new information regarding environmental impacts after volcanic eruptions.


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