International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2022 in Paris

giron space organisation logo above logo of the international astronautical congress of pa

We are presenting at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2022 in Paris!

Our presentation will take place in Session 5: Enabling the future -Developing the Space Workforce of the E1. IAF SPACE EDUCATION AND OUTREACH SYMPOSIUM on Tuesday the 20th of September at 16:20 CET, in room E08B – save the date! 

For more details be sure to check our publication Contribution of student-run organisation for developing the space workforce: impact, experience, and practices from the Giron Space Organisation in Northern Sweden (paper code IAC-22,E1,5,9,x74077).

À bientot! 🚀


Here is a handy summary of when our member projects are presenting:

ALMA on BEXUS 33 – Atmospheric Laser Measurement of Aerosols 

  • Monday September 19, 12:50-13:00 
    → Screen number 17, Interactive Presentations Symposium B1 (IAC-22/B1/IP/72141)

Project APTAS – Atmospheric Polar Transmission Alignment Satellite

  • Monday September 19, 14:10-14:20
    → IAC-22/B4/IP/74145 (EISCAT 3D)
  • Thursday September 22 2022 13:20-13:30
    → IAC-22/C1/IPB/74060 (ACS)

ASTER on REXUS 30 – Attitude STabilized free falling ExpeRiment

  • Tuesday September 20, 15:00
    → W04 (IAC-22.A2.3.7)

Project FASTER – Flying Attitude Stablized ExpeRiment 

  • Wednesday September 21 2022, 15:00
    → W04 (IAC-22.A2.5.8)

Project HAMMER – High Altitude Magnetic Motion attitudE control 

  • Monday September 19 2022, 15:00
    → W07 (IAC-22.E2.3-GTS.4.8)

Project RAVEN – Rocketry and Aerospace Vehicle Engineering in Norrbotten

  • Monday September 19 2022, 10:15 
    → W08 (IAC-22.C4.3.6)