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On a grand scale, in additional to supporting student’s technical skills development, GSO hopes to bring an awareness of the social issues faced by the Space Sector to the new generation of Space Engineers and Scientists. This includes bringing members from the international space community in contact with students to educate about the diversity in the space sector, as well as informing about global sustainability initiatives such as “Access to Space For All” by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

On a local scale, northern Sweden provides great opportunities for space related student projects. The proximity to Esrange Space Center and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), the support from Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and the growing number of new space companies establishing themselves in the area create the perfect environment for the projects to thrive. GSO connects the different space related student projects that are based at the LTU Space Campus in Kiruna.

With GSO the current projects have higher chances to fulfill their objective and become continuous programs. The organisation also aims to support new projects through both knowledge-based and potential financial support. The knowledge-based support will take the form of an archive where projects share their lessons learned and technical documentation. GSO also intends to act as a network to put projects in contact with possible commercial and governmental partners to facilitate collaborations between them.


The rapid expansion of the space sector in Northern Sweden will increase the need for experienced scientists and engineers to support the facilities. Student projects provide the perfect atmosphere to gain the experience and skills needed to integrate into the space industry. Moreover, companies have limited time and human resources to dedicate to research and development, but collaborations with students are a great opportunity for innovation. GSO is creating and providing the necessary tools and connections to make this innovative environment a reality.

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We are registered at Skatteverket under organisation number 802535-4302.

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